In the field of industrial electrics our company deals with the following tasks, materials related to:

1. Installation and commissioning of new industrial equipment:
- electrical measurements
- design of electrical switchboards adapted to
  Customer needs (SN and NN)
- preparation of documentation
- design and selection of components according to needs
- installation of cable routes
- Verification of wiring according to specifications
- Removal of mounting errors
- construction of transformer stations tailored to needs
- check the operation of the system
- check the performance of each component
- ensure the aesthetic performance of cable networks
  Needed for machine operations
- assembly of lighting in halls according to OSH
- issuing CE and risk assessment

2. Moving and restarting of industrial equipment:
- verification of the installation according to available documentation
- marking and rewinding of wires
- Inventory of deficiencies
- change line specifications
- dismantling of the installation and preparation of transport
- installation of the facility
- verify the work of all
  Elements / devices as well as the whole layout
- modernization of lighting on the premises
- modernization of production lines

3. Repairs:
- ad hoc
- constant service